Occupy Wall Street

Anaheim Rioters Loot Store, Assault 68-Year Old Woman

Last night the Anaheim protest turned violent as police arrested 24 unruly protesters, shot non-lethal projectiles to control mobs, and businesses were damaged and looted. One of the victims was a 68 year old woman named Yolanda Delgado who dared get in the way of the mob looting a store.

While trying to pull them from a store, she shouted,

“This is not going to help your cause… Have some pride!”

“Shame on you! You’re nothing but little, stupid thieves. Get out of here!”

A reporter witnessed the event and wrote [emphasis added]:

Delgado — who is not much taller than 5 feet — confronted one young person who was apparently trying to steal something from the broken store window, just a few feet away from where we stood. But Yolanda Delgado caught her and a fight broke out. The young woman, who fled on a bike, punched Delgado several times in the face as people tried to break them apart, Delgado said. Delgado was OK, but she had a bloody lip and she was obviously upset.

Read the entire account here.

Six other people were hurt, including a reporter who was hit in the head with a large rock that was flung from the mob towards the police, but fell short. While not an official Occupy Wall Street protest, many of the rioters were seen wearing phrases associated with occupy, and occupiers known for broadcasting video live from occupy events have descended on the demonstration.

The protests began over very controversial shootings by Anaheim police that resulted in 2 deaths in two separate events. In one shooting, social media has helped spread the misconception that the victim was handcuffed when he was shot. While the video does seem to show the deceased handcuffed with a policeman above him, it has not been widely explained that it’s common practice for police to handcuff those that are wounded or even die during a police arrest for safety reasons.