Occupy Wall Street

Occupiers Cough Up $3 of Donations for their Little “Movement”; Demand Water from COPS!

Wow.. bunch of parasites can’t come up with more than $3…


UPDATE: This is pathetic… now they’re whining that they don’t have water.. What a bunch of idiots. They can barely take care of themselves and they want to take over the governance of America? Maggots.



This is just like the “National Gathering” in Philadelphia where Occupiers whined that the city was “banning” water from them because they were too lazy to provide their own.. pathetic.

These spoiled protesters are such infants that the Salvation Army had to set up “hydration stations” to take care of them:

That’s just great… mindless self-entitled idiots siphon resources from the Salvation Army that should go to the truly needy instead of the slovenly and greedy. These are societal parasites.

More maggots begging for others to provide for them… pathetic:

 “Why don’t you do what your parents did? Get a JOB SIR!” – the Big Lebowski