2012 Democratic Platform Word Cloud Surprisingly Obama-Centric!

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I don’t want people making fun of how many times we have “Obama” in there!!! Just use.. uh.. “President!”

This is 100% real – I copied and posted the platform into a wordcloud creator. For those wondering, a word cloud is a method of visualizing how often words are used in a document. The size of the phrase is proportional to how many times that word is used.


Of course, it’s unfair to post that without the Republican one, right? Here it is, you demanding gringos!

Wow! Hardly any mention of Romney OR President Mompants! You’d think that the Republicans were less focused on personalities and more on issues! Most counted words: American Government, States, Support, and Federal.

Ok, it’s boring, but in comparison to the Democrat one, it’s rather enlightening!