Obama Owns Shares of Sensata, Personally Benefits by Outsourcing of Jobs to China

The Obama October surprise has exploded with a whimper and not a bang.

Liberals have gone absolutely insane after snorting bathsalts under the name of “Sensata.” Supposedly, Romney is responsible for what Bain does 12 years after he left it, and Obama is not responsible at all for 4 years of failed economic policy.

And what is their claim? That Romney’s blind trust has holdings in this company that is off-shoring jobs from Illinois to China.

Pretty devastating. The only way this could be a dud is if Obama owned stock in this company as well…

For many sophisticated and wealthy investors, as well as for ordinary workers invested in pension funds, China is a part of any diversified investment strategy. President Obama, a former Illinois state senator, has as much as $100,000 in a state retirement plan that contains shares of Sensata Technologies, the same auto parts company controlled by Bain that is closing its Illinois factory.

 Oh… it would seem that this is a non-story then, right?

Not when you’re snorting bathsalts. The liberals are dedicated to spreading this smear while ignoring the obvious problems with the criticism, including the fact that one of Obama’s most prolific fundraising bundler headed Bain during the closing of GST steel, the other attempt to derail the Romney campaign with lies.

The real surprise here is how desperate the Obama tactics are this late in the game…


Some liberals are still running around like Big Birds with their heads cut off, screeching “Sensata! Sensata!” The far left commies at Daily Kos put out “5 Facts about Sensata You Need to KNOW!”

Even those Marxist chakra-massagers had to admit that, “Mr. Romney had nothing to do with that decision.” Then they confuse their lemmings with a concatenation of half-truths in order to let them loose on the world screaming insanely.

This is what they should know:

Based on the fact that Romney owns $8 million in Bain, and Bain owns 51% of Sensata, they conclude Romney is the evil puppetmaster demanding jobs be outsourced – except they don’t tell you that Bain has $65 billion in assets under management. Since Math is so hard for the side that has Biden as the intellectual center, here you go – Romney owns the equivalent of .0123% of Bain assets. Great job geniuses!

More about the Faux  Sensata Outrage from Kimberly Morin
For those still whining that Romney controls Bain, POLITICO reports he left in February 1999.

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