Liberals Foaming At The Mouth Over My Hashtag #LiberalTips2AvoidRape

When the story broke about some idiot Colorado state senator’s comments to try to reassure potential rape victims that a whistle is just as good as a gun to ward off assailants, my little brown brain got into action!!!

I thought of a funny hashtag to mock the situation – but I want to make this clear – I’m mocking the Senator who thinks a whistle is just as good a deterrent against violent crime as a gun. This was the first tweet with the hashtag:

Hilarity and pandemonium ensued!!




It trended after about 40 mins: 




I came up with this graphic to try to explain exactly why I came up with the hashtag:

Click here to read the article from Dana Loesch about Senator Salazar at Red State.

Somewhere along the line, liberals caught on and started whining:

I upset.. um… “vagmagic”:

An advocate for Chinese cabbage was unamused:



And you HAVE to go see the Glock 9MM RAPE WHISTLE at the Morlock Revolt!!!

Now liberals are purposely distorting what the point of the hashtag is – they want to make it appear that it has to do with making fun of victims of crime. It’s not at all. But the media will help them smear conservatives to get their meme firmly entrenched in the minds of those who are too lazy to investigate these things.

This one, however, has got to be the best response ever:


How to avoid rape? Simple: STOP RAPING!