Will Obama Mention Martin Luther King Jr.’s Anti-War Position While Getting Ready To Bomb Syria?

Obama will take the stage today to do what he does best – talk about himself. He’ll probably draw up some tears as he thinks about how he’s the best thing ever and a fulfillment of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream” speech.

Few liberals, as they’re wiping their tears away, will remember how virulently MLK was against war. Take this quote from his speech on the Vietnam War:


Hmmm.. interesting that Rev. King didn’t say “nation” or “country” – he specifically noted it was the government.

I don’t know if Reverend King would have been for Obamacare, but I doubt he would have supported the unconstitutional war we’re embarking on in Syria, and Obama’s incessant demand that everyone love and trust their government.