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WATCH the IRS Commissioner Testify in March That They Had Lois Lerner’s Emails Archive and Would Supply Them ALL to Congress

Congressman Jason Chaffetz angrily reminded Americans that contrary to current reports, the IRS commissioner had smugly testified in March that all of Lois Lerner’s emails would be turned over to Congress after receiving their subpoena. Friday afternoon officials made the maddening announcement that the IRS had “accidentally” deleted emails from Lois Lerner that might explain how the Tea Party targeting scandal occurred.

Here’s the video in it’s entirety:

Are we really supposed to believe that some “glitch” has completely deleted those emails that might just implicate the Obama administration in using the IRS to target its political enemies right before the 2012 election? That they would have the gall to even suggest it shows how confident they are that the media won’t give this story the attention it deserves.

And the story was released just when the news cycle is going to focus on the fall of Iraq into jihadist hands, after they had three months to find these emails? Oh yeah, I believe it!