California Town Outraged At Feds Bringing Illegal Alien Children for ‘Processing’

A Southern California community is outraged that the Obama administration will be flying illegal aliens to their town for “processing” and the mayor is putting the blame squarely on lack of enforcement of immigration law.

A California mayor urged residents on Monday to fight a plan to fly migrant families from Texas for processing at a border patrol facility in his city as police start a hotline and prepare to field questions about the transfers.

Murrieta Mayor Alan Long said border officials told him a flight carrying 140 people was expected Tuesday. Migrants will be processed at the border patrol facility in the city and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Police are ready for any security issues, and a mobile hospital unit will be positioned outside the facility to provide additional medical screening if needed, Long said. He acknowledged that migrants would not be released locally and do not have criminal records.

Still, he urged residents in the suburb of 107,000 people some 60 miles north of San Diego to call their elected officials and voice opposition to the plan.

“We want to make sure everyone is doing what they say they’re going to do,” Long told reporters.

Meanwhile the media and the left will do all they can to shift blame away from the president and the rumors of amnesty that have motivated so many to cross our border illegally. Here’s one big question they won’t answer – if rumors of amnesty cause a “humanitarian crisis” of children illegals, how will rewarding them with actual amnesty going to discourage more from making the dangerous trip?

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