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Even Paris Hilton Says She’s More Honest Than Hillary Clinton About Her Privileged Status!

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When it comes to being criticized for denying your wealth privilege, it’s never a good sign to have Paris Hilton’s response considered more legitimate than your own. But that’s what happened when the Hilton heiress was asked by Vice’s Mitchell Sunderland about Hillary Clinton and her insistence of her poverty-stricken life after the White House.

VICE: “Unlike a lot of celebrities—such as Hillary Clinton, who recently said that she had been struggling for money when she left the White House—you’ve always been very upfront about being born privileged. Why is that?”

PARIS HILTON: “I’m just always honest with everything, and that is a truth. Yes, I’m very fortunate. I did come from a wealthy family, but at the same time I didn’t have to work, and I chose to. I’ve done this all on my own, so I’m very proud of that fact. I easily could have been like all these spoiled trust-fund kids who never work a day in their lives, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to make a name for myself, and be independent, and not have to ask my family for anything. I’m very proud of what I accomplished and created.”

Contrast her comments with Clinton daughter Chelsea who just couldn’t force herself to care about money, and talks about it as if it’s a virtue. There’s something to be said about knowing just how well off you are, and being able to admit it.

In attempting to identify with the common American, Hillary crossed the line from humility into abject self-delusion.

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