Horror Author Stephen King Annoys Fans With Insulting Political Tweets on Immigration

Many have noted a twinge of anti-Christian analogies in the books of horror author Stephen King, but his Twitter account has made it very clear where he stands on the issue of religion and on conservatism. In this case, it was a pair of tweets aimed at the Tea Party and at Christians over immigration:

Ironically, there are very few illegal immigrants in Stephen King’s own back yard in Bangor, Maine, but there are many crazed fans who like to visit his house just to get a glimpse of their hero. Guess what Stephen has to keep them out? He’s got a big’ol fence!

stephen king home bangor maine

Of course, it’s easier to criticize those who face the brunt of an illegal alien influx from your comfy gated house in the Northeast. In fact, Stephen King has “no trespassing” signs around his home, but apparently it’s immoral for America to have them on its border. As many noted on Twitter, he’s not running to house and feed the illegal aliens streaming over the border, nor has anyone seen him donating his time and money to help them personally, as have many Christians and many conservatives.

Quite a few of his fans were disappointed and angry about his tweets:

I’m sure King is wealthy enough where he can voice his opinion without being financially hurt by it. But does he have to be such an irrational jerk about it?

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