Foreign Policy

Delusional Nancy Pelosi: Obama is a ‘Strong Leader,’ Putin is Just ‘Insecure’

On CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Nancy Pelosi tried unsuccessfully to bat away all of Obama’s foreign policy failures, and actually said with a straight face that Obama is a strong leader. A minute later, with botox still courageously holding that face still, she said that Putin is just acting out of insecurity. Notice that Nancy cited the criticism John McCain first made and that has been repeated often. It must have gotten under her scaly lizard skin.

Ironically, if Putin really is just insecure about the place of Russia in the world, Obama seems to be just fine with our diminished and humiliated place in the world that he’s orchestrating.

Also don’t you love that response, “Yo, Candy, y’know what? A Putin’s gonna Putin, y’know what I’m sayin?”

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