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Hillary’s Claim in A New Interview Confirms Obama Lied to the American People in the 2012 Debates


In a recent interview with Hillary Clinton on CNN, she posited that she had warned the Obama administration over and over about the threat from Russia and Putin. This of course, is to deflect criticism for her “Russian Reset” policy that’s been so widely ridiculed after Putin showed his goals to be just as nefarious as conservatives suggested in 2012.

From CNN:

…I was among the most skeptical of Putin during the time that I was there, in part because I thought he had never given up on his vision of bringing Mother Russia back to the forefront. Not by looking at what Russia could do to be a modern nation, but by looking to the past, and especially trying to control their borders from Central Asia to the Baltics.

So when he announced in the fall of 2011 that he would be changing positions with Medvedev, I knew that he would be more difficult to deal with. He had been always the power behind Medvedev, but he had given Medvedev a lot of independence to do exactly what you said and make the reset a success.

…Putin attacked me personally because he is very worried about any kind of internal dissent. He wanted to clamp down on any opposition within Russia and he wanted to provide more influence and even intimidation on his borders.

And I certainly made my views known in meetings, as well as in memos to the president. I think that what may have happened is that both the United States and Europe were really hoping for the best from Putin as a returned president. And I think we’ve been quickly, unfortunately, disabused of those hopes.

Is Hillary trying to throw Obama under the bus in order to save her own ailing campaign for 2016? When Obama mocked and ridiculed Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was our number one geo-political foe he would have been dismissing his own Secretary of State. Either Hillary is lying now to save herself from an obvious failure to “reset relations” with the Russians, or Obama was lying back then to the American people that Russia was not a threat.

If we had a competent, objective press, they would demand an answer from Obama about this. But we don’t, and they won’t, because they typically only pressure politicians if they’re on the right.

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