By Popular Demand… the TEDNADO T-Shirt is For SALE!!

From a while back, I redid the “SharkNado” poster to include one of the more controversial and popular political figures of our times – the TED CRUZ!!! Take a look:


I gave the internet the option to either have a TEDNADO shirt or a SHARKNADER shirt, and Ted won, shockingly. Someone told me to put this on a t-shirt, so here ya go, you ravenous crazy internet consumers!! CLICK BELOW!!

[Click here for a shirt with a white backing for the image for colored shirts]

[the TEDNADO Coffee Mug has been discontinued by ZAZZLE!!! Buncha racists!!]


I think you can get it as a beer stein in there too!!

Ohhhh yeah!!! Give me money! Also check out my other items here.

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