LOL! Commie Moron Russell Brand Freaks Out When Confronted by Reporter on His Wealth

Russell Brand, scummy idiot leader of other scummy idiots, is all angry that a U.S. company is trying to make profit from its own property, so they’re demanding London’s mayor force a company to lose money. When a reporter pointed out that it was kinda hypocritical since Brand living in London also brings up property values, he got very angry and irrational. Well, moreso than usual.

Now, it doesn’t matter that Brand is hurting the poor by his very presence because he’s a liberal commie idiot, that’s why! Exactly the same reason that other liberal entertainment idiots can have a huge carbon footprint while advocating that everyone else live in the stone age.

It’s called hypocrisy.

From the Guardian:

Westbrook bought the housing estate in Hoxton in March and transferred its ownership to an offshore company in the Channel Islands tax haven of Jersey. The firm is understood to be planning to evict the tenants, refurbish the estate and re-let the flats at full-market value – which in some cases could be three times higher than current rents. Westbrook has only made assurances that rents will not go up before the turn of the year.

“Ordinary Londoners are suffering, with their homes ripped from underneath them and their lives and families pulled apart, just so international investors can make a quick buck, with no regard to the community they are destroying,” said Khan.

“If Westbrook won’t provide affordable housing to families on the estate they should sell to a social landlord who can keep the community together.”

Unfortunately, it’s not the private company’s obligation to “keep the community together.” If Brand wants to help these people why doesn’t he pay for their housing himself instead of forcing private companies to take a loss?

Because he’s a hypocrite commie idiot, that’s why.