Illegal Alien Advocate Offended at Economist’s ‘Racist’ Cover Hypocritically LOVED Black Stereotype Cover


Illegal alien degenerate Jose Vargas has made a name for himself by mocking America’s laws and marketing himself to other liberal idiots who hate ‘Merica. Here’s his latest idiotic outrage – he’s upset at this cover by the Economist:

And he’s trying to get all sorts of people riled up about it:

What I find ironic, or rather, mind-numbingly hypocritical, is that not just a few tweets before this, the moron Jose was praising a rap artist:

You see, Kendrick Lamar just put out a record, which is probably what Jose is talking about. It’s called “To Pimp a Butterfly,” and shockingly, he doesn’t find this cover offensive at all:

kendrick lamar butterflu

Maybe it’s because the gang of thugs is killing a white guy, who knows. Still somehow he doesn’t find this image objectionable as a stereotype of blacks, but chili peppers are terribly offensive to Latinos? I guess morons can’t be choosers.

[Editor’s note: please don’t tweet Jose that he should go back to Mexico because he’s not from there, he’s from the Philippines. Tell him to go back there.]

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