Hypocritical Band Wilco Cancels Indiana Show Over New Law, But KEEPS Tour Stops in NINE Other RFRA States!

wilcom obama-hypocrite

If you want more proof that the big furor over the religious rights legislation in Indiana is more about politics than principle, just look at the morons in the band WILCO:

But, as the Spectator points out, they have 20 SHOWS in other states with similar laws!

Sure, they have a right not to perform in a place they deem “backwards,” even if there won’t be a single supporter of the law in Wilco’s audience, meaning they’ve deprived themselves of friendly Indiana money (their right under the free market, too). But a quick look at Wilco’s other tour dates, and it seems they’ve been awfully selective over which RFRA states they’re choosing to ignore.

Their tour has two upcoming dates in Texas (RFRA), then takes a jaunt through Louisiana (RFRA), then takes an extended trip through Florida (RFRA). Before heading into Canada, the tour touches down in Tennessee (RFRA), Missouri (RFRA), Kentucky (RFRA), and Arizona (RFRA). After they do a quick tour through Winnipeg, they’re back in the states with dates in Missouri again (RFRA), Illinois (RFRA), and Connecticut (RFRA). They end their tour in the safe liberal haven of California, where no one except the wildlife is protected.

Here’s a visual:

And Twitter user @RedSteeze points out this further hypocrisy:

Yes, opponents rarely face the fact that Obama himself signed a version of the same bill, but apparently he can be as much of a “bigot” as possible.

Wilco is representative of how stupid the law’s opponents have been – it has nothing to do with the actual law, it has to do with slamming a possible 2016 Republican contender, Mike Pence, and with trying to make gay rights an issue for the next election.