Hillary’s ‘Scooby Doo’ Road Trip Is So ‘Spontaneous’ She Did The EXACT Same Thing in 2000!

The media is fawning over Hillary Clinton’s “spontaneous” bus trip to Iowa from New York, and they’re cheering that she’s so “fun” when she called her vehicle the “scooby doo” van! So FUN and spontaneous!

Except, as Republican Communications Director Sean Spicer notes, she did the exact same thing at the beginning of her Senate run in 2000, right down to calling the van “scooby doo.”

Here’s the section quoted from the book:

They were driving around New York in an armored brown van, “which we had called the mystery machine, the Scooby Doo van, which was an interesting thing to drive and learn to manipulate,” the agent tells me in an interview. That’s because Hillary and her staff objected to the customary limo the First Lady would normally use. They complained the “optics” weren’t right for an aspiring senator who wanted to look like she was a woman of the people—and not a product of the White House.

She couldn’t even update her cartoon references. I got one for ya, Hillary, your campaign is off to a pretty Mickey Mouse start.

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