Iraq War Veteran Marine Posts AWESOME Response To Despicable Frat That INSULTED ‘Wounded Warriors’

One Iraq War Veteran and Marine posted a response the disgusting fraternity accused by “Wounded Warrior” veterans of spitting on veterans and urinating on an American flag, and it’s gone viral on Facebook for a very good reason.

Here are some great excerpts from the post by Jeff Edwards on his “Unprecedented Mediocrity” blog:

Look, college kids are stupid and I get that. You see, you may or may not be aware that it has been reported that members of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity from the University of Florida took it upon themselves to spit on and throw beer bottles at a group of wounded Veterans attending a Wounded Veteran retreat in Panama City Florida. Now, for all my Veteran followers, please apologize to the cat you just kicked, window you just broke, or excellent bourbon you spit out when you read that, but it appears true my brothers. And I have to admit, I am a little pissed off. Now, there are few pictures you will see regularly on Unprecedented Mediocrity. It is not that I am being lazy. No, it is simply that I want to portray a personal picture to convey a personal feeling on my personal blog. Thus, if you haven’t learned yet, the above picture is the, you actually pissed me off picture. This is my platoon on our way to Iraq in 2003 and the unofficial picture of what’s inside a can of you know what.

jeff edwards marine pic

ISIS was the recipient of this picture in prior posts and now you too Zeta Beta Tau, you have made the list. You and ISIS, best buds I guess. But let’s talk about the Fraternity of Zeta Beta Tau from the University of Florida.

Kids are Stupid

Actually, most kids are fairly stupid and some just take it to another level. You see, when the news broke this week what these Frat boys did to our brothers in arms, the nice part of me would have dismissed it as the stupidity of youth. Now, we have all seen Revenge of the Nerds and I don’t think that we ever really just had all that high expectations of Frat life. Yet, never in our wildest dreams would we have envisioned such disgusting behavior not seen since the travesties committed against our Vietnam Veteran brothers.

In this case, I don’t believe it is a product of a society opposed to war, but the by product of a society hardly touched by war. These little frat kids were 8 years old or younger when I was in Iraq and they grew up in a society that honestly could have cared less about the past decade of war. My heart continually breaks for what our Vietnam brothers experienced and I will have none of it in my generation.

And later:

Now, I also feel like I have to state the following. Members of Zeta Beta Tau, man you are lucky. God had grace on you as either these wounded veterans showed unsurpassed restraint or the nature of their injuries made retaliation a poor option, but you are lucky. For I feel like I can speak for all Veterans when I say you warranted a beat down of epic proportions. It is not that Veterans are walking around angry ready to snap on anyone. Rather, it is just that we have not forgotten how to do so.


How I wish any of those Veterans would have had but a Bat or Thundercat signal to throw up to their fellow vets and there would have been a reckoning not seen since Fallujah, Ramadi, Marjah, or Sangin. Look here brothers of Zeta Beta Tau, I don’t know how many brothers you have at the University of Florida, but I promise you that if the Taliban and Al Qaida didn’t have enough, neither do you. Consider yourself lucky. For legal reasons I am guessing I can’t recommend what I am thinking, but you don’t want to know where my mind goes with this.

I have a feeling a LOT of Americans feel exactly the same way Jeff Does, which is why the post has gone viral with 18,700 shares on Facebook.

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