Michelle Obama’s Inspiring Commencement Speech Tells Black Students to Condemn Racist America

There’s nothing like the wife of the most powerful man in the world whining that someone made fun of her in the media. Most commencement speakers try to inspire students with hope for the future, but Michelle Obama brought her best race-baiting speech and made sure to indoctrinate everyone into the dreary liberal mindset.

Watch below:

In another part of the speech I posted at the Right Scoooop, Michelle selfishly whines about the rampant racism she personally had to suffer through.

My favorite part of these clips is how she whines while using the solemn cadence and tone of a black Baptist preacher. It would appear that to her, race-baiting is as tender, poignant, and profound as worshiping God.

You would think she could have focused on how lucky she is to become the First Lady but instead she focuses on the trials and tribulations of having Fox News make jokes at her expense while she vacations in Hawaii at Oprah Winfrey’s massive mansion on the dime of the taxpayer.

Gosh, I feel sorry for her, don’t you?

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