Let’s Keep A Running Tally of What Liberals Want to BAN After Their Confederate Flag Victory…

You might think that now that the liberals got what they wanted after Nikki Haley called for the confederate flag to come down, that they might sit back and be satisfied for their victory. But not if you knew liberals well. Because of their political positions, they forever remain petty, bitter, angry and unhappy.

And that’s why they’ll keep demanding more stuff be banned. So let’s keep a running tally!

DONE: Confederate flag banned at Ebay!

DONE: Confederate flag banned at Etsy and!

DONE: Confederate flag banned at Walmart!

DONE: Confederate flag banned at Amazon!

DONE: Apple removes games with confederate flags in them, leaves in Nazis and swastikas!

DONE: Alabama takes down confederate flags from capitol!!

DONE (ish): Confederate flag taken down from in front of South Carolina capitol.

DEMAND!!!! This is insanely stupid and ridiculous. A dufus opined in the New York Post that we need to ban the movie, “Gone with the Wind.” as an ugly symbol of racism. Why not burn the books too?

Failed MSNBC guest (or was it CNN? I dunno who cares) Roland Martin got up and realized he hadn’t race-baited enough yesterday so he decided we need to take down the statue of Alexander Stevens, the Vice President of the traitorous Confederate States of America, from the U.S. Capitol.

DEMAND: Georgia statue and a desk!!

And what the hell let’s burn a desk too:

This has been your banning update for Thursday. If I have missed anything, please let me know in the comments!!

Thanks Ann Coulter You’ve Sunk to Joe Biden Level Racist Stupidity