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‘Can GAY Marriage DEFEAT ISIS?’ is The Most Pathetically Stupid Response to The Ruling Today

Trigger Warning: Extreme Stupidity ahead…

This piece that was posted over at Foreign Policy magazine is so blindingly stupid that I cannot believe that it’s a not parody. The writer begins by describing two sets of pictures – that of the brutality of ISIS and that of gays celebrating today’s Supreme Court ruling. Then she says this:

Do you want to fight the Islamic State and the forces of Islamic extremist terrorism? I’ll tell you the best way to send a message to those masked gunmen in Iraq and Syria and to everyone else who gains power by sowing violence and fear. Just keep posting that second set of images. Post them on Facebook and Twitter and Reddit and in comments all over the Internet. Send them to your friends and your family. Send them to your pen pal in France and your old roommate in Tunisia. Send them to strangers.

Yes, it’s sappy. But this has always been the dream of America: a dream of freedom, of a land where no one would force their religious beliefs on anyone else. A land where all people would have the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A land where we could seek change peacefully and trust our laws and institutions to respond to our deepest hopes.

No, it’s not sappy, it’s just plain batcrap stupid. Do you know who can stop ISIS? Those who tacitly support them in the Middle East. Do you really think that some idiotic post on your Facebook is going to overcome their 1,400 year old bias against gay marriage?

But she didn’t stop there!

And I still have faith that this dream is the one that will prevail, in the end. That’s the lesson of history: Brutality and fear can keep people down for only so long. The Nazis learned this; the Soviets learned it; the Ku Klux Klan learned it; Pol Pot learned it; the Rwandan génocidaires learned it.

One of these days, the Islamic State and al Qaeda will learn it too.

Uh yeah, did the Nazis learn it because of Twitter memes? Was the Soviet Union taken down by pins on Pinterest? As far as I can tell, brutality and fear are the only thing that keeps any semblance of peace in the Middle East.

What is the disease that erodes one’s common sense so badly that this kind of crap absolutely makes sense to them? Oh it’s liberalism.

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