2nd Amendment

It Was The NRA That Made Black Church Shooting About The Confederate Flag Says Leftist Idiot John Fugelsang!

Noted leftist moron John Fugelsang took time away from preparing jokes nobody laughs at on the Ed Show in order to make this laughably stupid observation about who it was that brought up the Confederate flag after the awful church shootings in South Carolina:

Uhhhh what?! LOL! It’s been the LEFT that made the shootings all about the flag! In Fugelsang’s diseased mind, the NRA swept into South Carolina after the shooting and demanded nobody take down the Confederate flag? What?!

The lovable scamps on Twitter made sure he didn’t get away with the abject stupidity:

Ironically, because morons like Fugelsang, many made the Confederate flag a scapegoat for the shootings. Now, instead of getting their precious gun control, we can say, “huh? we gave you your damn flag demands, shut up!” LOL! That’s actually what this idiot is angry about, but he can’t admit it so he blames the NRA…

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