If This Doesn’t Prove To You Trump Is A Conman, Nothing Will

This is one of the best things to come out of Trump ever. Bloomberg’s whatshisface asks him what his favorite Bible verse is, and he answers it with all the Trumptastic buffoonery that one human soul could ever produce:

LOL! C’mon!! NO discerning human being with half an operating brain cell would believe this dude knows ANYTHING about the Bible after that!! That is just amazing.

This has inspired the hashtag #TrumpFavoriteBibleVerses:

What greater proof do you want that he’s just saying conservativey-things to fool conservatives? Love it. Thank you il Trumpollini.


The Sooperpodcast’s own Helvetica Von Comic Sans reminds me of this amazing explication of the theology of Trump from the famous McCain interview:

Incredible. This guy is winning the GOP nomination.

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