FUBAR: Dept. Of Defense Says Special Forces Are Assisting Group Our NATO Ally Is Currently Bombing

The Department of Defense made a surprising admission today about what we’re doing in the fight against ISIS:

Except there’s one tiny little problem – our NATO ally, Turkey, is using the war against ISIS as a pretext to bomb and attack their true targets. That would be the very Kurdish forces we’re assisting.

There are many cartoons about the swindle Turkey’s President Erdogan is committing:

And to be fair, the Kurds are related to what the Turk’s consider to be a terrorist separatist group. It’s not that Erdogan doesn’t have a reason for disliking the Kurds, but it’s just absurd for anyone in the West to believe Erdogan is really actually doing anything serious against ISIS.

Finally, what happens if Turkish forces “accidentally” bomb some of our Special Forces?

It’s yet another example of how the messy internal politics of Europe prevent any Western intervention from ever being completely successful.

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