Black Activist Shaun King Says Gun Enthusiasts Have Small ‘Pensises,’ Forgets To Delete Pro-Gun Tweet!

This is hilarious. Our favorite white “black activist” Shaun King launched into a tirade about the tiny penises of gun owners tonight, because he’s a liberal and that’s what it takes to be “gutsy” and “edgy” and be a leader of a mindless herd.

Except he forgot to delete this little tweet about his own gun enthusiasm:

UPDATE!! He DELETED IT finally after all that ridicule!!

Don’t worry, I got a screenshot!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.38.36 AM

So… uhm…. when he says it’s a phallic symbol, I guess he’s talking from experience huh?

And when he talks about small “pensises” he must be talking about… his wife’s personal experience:

Looks like he has two small “pensises”

Or wait.. maybe he doesn’t have two small “pensises,” because on January 16th he says he doesn’t own any:

… But then when he wanted to act like an experienced gun-owner, he says JUST A WEEK LATER that he owns two guns (and thereby, two small “pensises”): Weird! It’s almost as if Shaun King can’t keep his stories straight!! LOL!! Maybe he’s not too sure about his straightness. Of his stories. Which is why he’s overcompensating with his two small “pensises” guns:

Yeah, very deep.

But wait, doesn’t that mean that according to his idiocy, this is porn?

And it belonged to a kid, so by Shaun King’s rules, in his diseased mind, he just spread kiddie porn. You should turn yourself into the feds, Shaun. Don’t stop at the Subway, just head on straight to the Department of Justice and tell them what you did.


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