SHAME: The Tragic Epidemic Of Americans ‘RAPING’ Their Presents And Bragging About It On Twitter

I didn’t realize that holiday rape culture was such a persistent and deep problem in America, but after a very simple search on Twitter, I see that it has reached epidemic levels.

How do you think your presents feel about it?!?!


Emojis don’t make the act any less heinous.

How long does it take?!?!?


I don’t even to attempt to figure out that last one.


This next gift rapist is an environmentalist too:

Well.. yeah.. if they didn’t struggle it would be consensual.


Disgusting. Just enjoy the pizza without the rape, will you?!?!


This wretched rapist took advantage of presents which are also cabins apparently.

This is just awful. Those presents’ lives are forever ruined just so that these terrible people can have a “jolly” Christmas. They should be ashamed. Maybe one day we’ll rid our nation of this terrible scourge.

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