Sean Hannity Attacks Megyn Kelly On Twitter Over His BFF Trump!

OK this is just insane. Earlier today Megyn Kelly said Trump was doing himself a disservice by just going on Hannity and staying out of “unsafe spaces.”

Here’s what she said:

It really wasn’t an attack, but thin-skinned Trumper Hannity took it as an insult to his only BFF, Trump, so he spewed this out at her!! And he did this right as his show began:

Actually, the moron didn’t watch the video or read it, because she was talking about Hillary at the time, and hitting her for the same vice. What a buffoon.

In response to this:

Keep in mind, his show is on right now. And he’s whining at Megyn Kelly!

But what is he talking about anyway? It was Megyn Kelly who was attacked by Trump, needed support from colleagues and didn’t get it. When did Hannity need support from Kelly and didn’t get it? When he was licking Trump’s boots? He’s just a childish, infantile whiner who throws out irrational insults when his feelings are hurt. Sounds familiar!

But I know what this is really about – Megyn got to the real reason Trump lost the debate. He only goes to safe spaces where morons like Hannity tell him he’s wonderful and he can’t lose. So when he went to the debate, he had no idea how to deal with real questions and pressure.

And Sean knows it.

Also there’s this: