The Best Mormon Mafia Tweets, The BEST!!

A hashtag game sprung up overnight when someone noticed an absurd tweet that Fox News doxxer and rabid Trumper Lou Dobbs put out about Evan McMullin:

Yes, apparently he’s in the “Mormon Mafia”!!! LOL!! The very idea was so absurdly stupid that people began mocking it by tweeting their own examples of the horrific crimes of the Salt Lake City criminal organization:

(Mormons don’t imbibe caffeine.)

This one slayed me:

Even McMullin got in on it:


OK, not so much with the humor, but it was a very presidential tweet!! Trumpers are freaking out that McMullin is competitive in Utah and sneaking up on the Donald in Arizona where there’s a large Mormon population. See, the people who wanted to absolutely burn down the Republican party are very angry with anyone who puts their conscience ahead of the party.

Also don’t forget Lou Dobbs was the dumbass who doxxed someone on the internet for daring to go against his thug leader Trump.