BOOM! Watch Whiny Hipster Gets Tackled Down HARD!

OK LOOK, I don’t condone ANY violence on ANY side, especially from insane Trumpendejos. Except maybe on quite possibly the most hipster-looking hipster on God’s green Earth.

Because it’s frickin’ amazing:

BOOM!!! I wish my beloved Buffalo Bills would sign that guy because we’ve missed a lot of tackles this year.

I mean, look at this hipster:


Here’s the entire video:

Ah well screw’em all. Left-wing idiots versus alt-right idiots. UPDATE!! Someone on the internet is claiming that this guy is mentally ill and voted for Hillary, so maybe it has nothing to do with politics at all.

The liberal left is encouraging these brats to act like spoiled whiny activists in their infantile tantrum against democracy. Hundreds of brats walked out on classes in Portland and flooded a nearby mall:

“Russia Today” is reporting it as “thousands” but the kid who was there says it was only hundreds.

And then the brats took off to a nearby interstate freeway:

As much as I despise Trump, it’s this kind of left-wing idiocy that inspires his kind of alt-right idiocy.