Cucks At Breitbart News Snowflaking Over New Globalist RINO-Trump!

My how things have changed. Once the loudest and stupidest voice screaming “cuckservative!!!” at those who wouldn’t support Trump, Breitbart News is now slipping in their allegiance to el Presidente Trumpo.

Yes, Breitbart News is turning on our new globalist elite Trump:


This is because Trump is sidelining Bannon, and reports say that it’s because he just wants to win and Steve-o’s strict ideology just gets in the way of compromise and cooperation.

Many believe this signals his turn to the left, as he keeps putting more and more faith in Jared Kushner, the lefty Democrat globalist.

Sooooo who got “cucked” now?


Ahhhh… sorry if I enjoy the schadenfreude here a little too much. Those of us who questioned Trump’s adherence to conservative principles and who were mocked and jeered by these idiots are going to have fun tossing those epithets back in their faces now that he’s turned on them too, just as predicted.