BOOM! Jake Tapper CALLS OUT Roland Martin on Stolen CNN Question Scandal!

Jake Tapper is not about to take crap from scummy Roland S. Martin, the loser who appears to be an accomplice in the stolen questions that were given to Hillary Clinton during the Democrat primary.

Tapper called him out brazenly on Twitter:

Ohhhh dayam… for those who have been watching my Twitter account closely, I’ve been railing about this issue ever since the primaries. Roland Martin answered no questions about it and got off scot free.

Here’s how the interaction started – Martin made some idiotic snide remark having to do with this clip from Mediaite:

Martin of course, had no answers.

And Martin runs away with his tail between his legs.

He ain’t wrong.

So Tapper continued to hit him:

Roland Martin likes to talk a lot of crap, but then runs off like a skunk when he knows he’s caught. I know – he blocked me a long time ago when I challenged him.

Tapper nailed Roland to the wall on this. It’s amazing that he and OneTV was able to get away with it. I wrote about this way back in November of 2016 – you can read that here.