Here’s the good news: This election changes nothing.

This election changes nothing.

At the risk of alienating everyone who is saying that this is the most important election of our lifetimes, I think there are a lot of reasons to believe that this election really changes nothing.

Not for you, personally, anyway.

I’m not saying it’s unimportant. I think it’s very important. But let me tell you about your life. Let me tell you how you’re being scammed right now.

You are in control of your happiness, and this election won’t change that.

Yes, of course, if Biden gets elected we move ever closer to socialism and increased government control of our lives. But, it’s not as if we’re going be carted away into FEMA camps tomorrow if he gets elected. It’ll take at least until January for that.

I’m joking.

My point is this. I was told that the election of Barack Obama would usher in the new age of communist control of my life and he would seize the government and it would be worse than East Berlin and the economy would collapse and we would wait in bread lines hours long.

And that didn’t happen. And he had eight years to do it! Now, either he was a very lazy incompetent despot, or some people might have been exaggerating. Maybe.

I’m not gonna tell you that I believe Obama’s regime was great and good, I don’t believe that at all. But I also don’t believe anyone telling me that it’s absolute chaos and abject apocalypse if Biden wins. Because I’ve heard way too many people telling me that for my entire life every single time I get to vote.

Here’s the incredible secret the right wing news depending on your clicks won’t tell you – the liberal progressive far left is disappointed and angry at Barack Obama for not being left enough.

How weird!

Just like the far right Tea Party crowd was so angry at the Republicans for not being far right enough!

Anyone else see a pattern here?


Yes. They didn’t want the extremists you hate to take over the country. They also didn’t want the extremists that you love to take over the country. They made it very very hard for extremists on either side to seize control. And it’s worked, for the most part. I know this because the fringe extremists on both sides complain about it!

The uncomfortable fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter who is in charge. Your life has always been your own. If you succeed it’s because you made the right decisions and had personal responsibility for those decisions. If you fail, it’s most likely because you made unwise decisions.

For the most part.

That’s all the founders promised. That’s the incredible miracle that they handed off to their posterity. That’s us, we’re their posterity. That includes me, a son of Mexican immigrants who came here to seek a better life. They found it. And they gave me wonderful opportunity.

And democrats may lessen that opportunity slightly. And Trump may increase that opportunity slightly. But I am indebted to the founders more than anyone else on Earth when it comes to my gratefulness.

So, vote. It’s important. It’s good.

But after you vote, remember that it’s not the most important thing that you will do to achieve happiness. The most important thing you can do to achieve happiness is to fulfill your obligations and your duties to your family and your community and your society.

Be a good husband or wife. Be a good son or daughter. Be a good neighbor. Be a good mom or dad. Go to work. Do what you know you should do. Do that hard work that no one praises. Do it because it’s good, and do it because it will make you happy.

It will make you happy to do that work. That will make your family great. That will make your neighborhood great. That will make your town great. That will make your state great. That will make America great.

Don’t wait for a politician to do it for you. You have the power in your hands right now. Go. Do. It.