Why did FAKE Latina Hilaria Baldwin accept all those accolades from ‘Latina’ Magazine?

This is fantastic. Earlier this week Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of limousine liberal Alec Baldwin, was outed as pretending to be a Latina and instead of coming clean and admitting she misled people, she blamed reporters and writers!

But, if they simply refused to report that she’s white instead of Latina, then WHY did she not correct “Latina” Magazine when they named her one of their “10 Best Dressed Latina Stars of the Week” in 2013?

If Hilaria, whose real name is Hillary, was trying desperately this entire time to get reporters to stop calling her Latina, she sure was quiet about it:

So, it’s actually more likely that she went along with people who assumed she was Latina because she spoke with a fake-ass accent and tweeted in Spanish occasionally:

Here’s where she thanked them AGAIN for putting her on their well dressed Latino list, and didn’t correct them!

In fact, “Latina” magazine appears to have an infatuation with white girl Hillary:

She made the best Latina stepparent list! LOL!

Aaaand now instead of admitting that she’s been misleading everyone this whole time, Hillary is tossing all those reporters and writers under the bus! How classy!!

Here she is in 2016 talking to Latina Magazine about her strong “work ethnic”:

As a real authentic Mexican, despite what Alec Baldwin says about me, I can tell you the “ethnic” is not strong in this one….