SooperPodcast 428! Four Wednesdays in January and intellectual gluttony for your brains!

THIS WEEK!! It gets wild. We talk about the four insane Wednesdays in January. We start off with el Sooper talking about he just found out that he sounds like a jerk! What?! We do a short recap of the NFL conference championships where all our hearts were broken and crapped upon. THEN we talk about all the nuts in politics and how we cannot stand them all and we just want out!! On the way we Stirewalt the Stirewalt, and also the Reddit GameStop uprising rebellion, and where it is right and where it is wrong. SO MUCH FUN. Then el Sooper talks about how Charles Payne stabbed him in the heart and crapped on it. NO MORE FUN STOP IT I CAN’T TAKE IT. It’s intellectual GLUTTONY for your brain, stupid!! Go get a substack. Then we talk about meme crimes from 2015, and Jess’s calumnies and what the meanest nurse said to el sooper in the DMs, and a funny tweet. Because everyone loves funny tweets. ALSO Chinese butthole coronavirus testing. Come watch the doom unfold with us. Or listen to it anyway. Whatever. 

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