Laura Loomer’s idiotic lawsuit against CAIR backfired and now she has to pay them $124,000

If you were rooting for this idiot Laura Loomer and her stupid lawsuit against CAIR, I have bad news. The moron lost and she’s gonna have to cough up more than $124,000 for lawyer’s fees.

This all stems from accusations that Twitter cancelled Loomer’s Twitter account in 2018 because of campaigning by CAIR, a pro-Muslim group. Here’s what she claimed:

…Loomer sued the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), claiming the group violated her First Amendment rights by conspiring with the social media platform to silence her views. Loomer also alleged the group’s conduct constituted tortious interference with business relationships due to a “reasonable expectation of economic gain in the form of revenue that they would obtain from Ms. Loomer’s use of Twitter.”

Well she lost. And now she has to pay up for the ridiculous lawsuit:

In total, the court held that Loomer owed $123,761.65 to CAIR and its Florida chapter over the litigation, plus $661.72 in costs.

In no way am I defending CAIR or some of their actions, but I’m just trying to warn people not to give in to their feelings when they seek out nutcases and crackheads like Loomer. Just because you’re very passionate about a subject doesn’t mean that you should support idiots who take the most extreme positions on that subject.

This is happening all over the political sphere, and it is damaging to the conservative cause, it’s damaging to America, and it’s just not healthy for people to self-radicalize like this. Unfortunately, I doubt the $120k bill will cure Loomer of her insanity. 

I mean why quit when there’s tons of people willing to sign over their social security checks to support her lunacy.