Only the BEST MEMES about illegal aliens being sent to Martha’s Vineyard!!

It’s been a while since I posted anything political, but this was right up my alley and in my wheelhouse, which is at the end of the alley.

Yesterday it was reported that Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two plane loads of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. This turned out to be about 50 people.

And they are freaking out.

They don’t have the resources to take care of them. They can’t handle the influx of refugees. They don’t have the services or the people to do it.

And it is 50 people.

Weird how that works, right? They talk big about being sanctuary cities but when Republican governors actually oblige them and send migrants over, they can’t handle it. Amazing.

Anyway this gave conservatives the opportunity to whip out some insanely funny memes and jokes. Check them out and if I missed one, let me know!!!

That’s actually a sign from someone on Martha’s Vineyard that was posted before the flight of the migrants.

This is a good one but you have to know the Simpsons reference:

This is one of my favorites:

NOW, I have to say this. I do think that they should have been warned about the migrants arriving in order to allow them time to process them and take care of them. Too many people want migrants to be treated as poorly as possible, and that is just not morally the right thing to do. And this is far less important, but it gives liberals a political point that undermines the messaging.

Still, the overall point stands, as this ravishingly handsome Mexican man said on Twitter:

Smart dude!!

UPDATE: After only one day, the rich islanders have expelled the poor brown people! Hooray for liberalism!!


Poof. Problem solved.