SooperPodcast #481!! How ChatGPT took over my Twitter account like an old racist man!

THIS WEEK we return to the wisdom and virtue of the podcast that is sooper!! We have Jess this time and no MATT! We talk a little politics but mostly el Sooper talks about debating a very large black man who could probably beat him up! Wow! Also Jess talks about her accidental carjacking attempt, and el Sooper turns that into a serious topic like a big unfunny jerk. ALSO we talk about how Elon Musk stole our emotions and he’s holding them ransom!! THEN el SOoper talks about his experiment with handing over his Twitter account to the nefarious grasp of the ChatGpT artificial intelligence!! THEN Jess encourages him to keep doing it and he does while recording and the results are horrible! Wow you have to listen!! Also Jess gets indicated. Go listen now!!! Hashtag community engagement!!

Here’s the podcast embedded for your pleasure:

And if that doesn’t work because my website sucks, please to be visiting the direct link to the podcast right here!!!

Here are all the lame tweets that ChatGpT wrote for me:








Then I let it write me some more artificially semi-intelligent tweets during the podcast. Here’s one:


A fiesta of fun. Wow. Anyway there was another one I read on the podcast, so GO LISTEN!!!

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