Here’s 20 young athletes who have suffered cardiac arrest – WHAT is GOING ON!?!

Alright here we go. Here’s a lot of very young athletes who have suffered a cardiac arrest. This is the kind of stuff that people are screaming about on social media as a sign that the vaccine is killing people.

Here it is:

March 2020: Unidentified student at the Cathedral City High School suffered a cardiac arrest. The student was saved through the efforts of two bystanders.

Oops wait a minute, that was before the vaccine, so it doesn’t count, forget that one.

2019: Football player in Marshall, Texas, suffers cardiac arrest and was saved by an athletic trainer.

Darn wait, no that was long before the vaccine. So forget that too.

2019: 16-year-old Waukesha North High School student-athlete Kai Lermer died while playing basketball with friends after suffering a cardiac arrest.

2019: 16-year-old Lenny Pierre died of cardiac arrest during basketball practice at John Bowne High School in Flushing, New York.

2018: High school athlete Kaeyel Moore collapsed on a basketball court in Texas and went into cardiac arrest. He was revived through the efforts of a coach and an AED.

2017: 17 year old Kayla Linton of Baltimore, Maryland, dies of cardiac arrest after battling the flu.

2017: Fleming Island High School sophomore Ben Johnson played baseball and football and died of a cardiac arrest after collapsing at school while working out.

2017: A 12-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed during a middle school football game in Henderson, Texas. He was resuscitated on field with an AED device.

2016: 16-year-old track student Caleb Perkins suffered cardiac arrest, was saved by coaches and an AED in Ohio.

2016: 16-year-old basketball player Wes Leonard died after collapsing from a cardiac arrest on the court in Fennville, Michigan.

2015: 17-year-old high school senior Claire Crawford went into cardiac arrest while playing volleyball in Georgia, and it was caught on video. She was saved through the use of an AED.

2015:  16-year-old Kyle Brewer dies after suffering a heart attack during track practice and a second heart attack at a hospital.

2014: “High School Tennis Star Dies Following Cardiac Arrest During Workout”: She was 17 years old in Orange County, California.

2014: 14-year-old Emily Orta suffers cardiac arrest in Michigan.

2013: 16-year-old Sam Cockrell competed in 50 triathlons and suffered a cardiac arrest.

2013: “17-year-old LaPorte High School student Jake West went into cardiac arrest and died of an undetected heart condition.”

“Jake had no signs or symptoms of any condition. To know that my son was walking around with a heart that was just like a ticking time bomb, it just makes me sick,” said his mother.

2013: 16-year-old Downey High School football player Dodi Soza dies after a sudden cardiac event. He collapsed on the field even though he had not been hit.

2012: 17-year-old Clayton High School baseball player William Hogan Teem died after a cardiac event while he was working out during an off-season conditioning session. 

2012: 18-year-old high school senior Ronald Rouse collapsed on the field during Hartsville High’s homecoming game and died from a cardiac event.

2006: High school basketball player Mike Papale suffered a cardiac arrest and was saved by an AED and paramedics.

So what is going on here??!!? What is going on is that all sorts of things happen all of the time. If you start paying attention to one kind of event, you suddenly see all of the instances that you ignored before, and it looks like an epidemic. It really helps if you get into a large group of people who WANT to believe this nutty event is suddenly on the increase and they keep retweeting each instance as if it’s never happened before.

Here’s the truth, from the Emily Orta incident in 2017:

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, as many as 2,000 young adults under the age of 25 die of sudden cardiac arrest each year, though the actual number is not known.

That’s a lot. It happened before any vaccine and any pandemic. But some people only took notice after they needed to find a villain for their conspiracy theory.

Lucky for them, math and evidence never got in the way of a good, stupid-ass conspiracy theory.