Racist school district fires trans-black civil rights leader Rachel Dolezal over OnlyFans during Black History Month?!

This is likely to be the most outrageously racist thing to happen the entire month of Black History.

Respected trans-black civil rights leader Rachel Dolezal has been FIRED from her job at the Catalina Foothills Unified School District in Tucson!!

How could they be so racist against this proud black woman??!

They CLAIM it’s because she spread her butt cheeks in a photo in front of a black Santa Claus in order to make money on OnlyFans, but we know the real truth!!!

OK maybe that actually is the real reason.

Also, I’m joking, the district isn’t racist, please don’t sue me.

Under her new name Nkecki Diallo, she was hired to provide after-school instruction to the childrens. And now she’s unemployed because some jerks on Reddit found her OnlyFans account!!!

This is the worst racist thing to have ever happened ever.

If you really want to see a blurred out photo of what looks like Rachel Dolezal baring her buttcheeks, you can see that in this news video:

Don’t miss the very funny detail at the end that parents of the school district aren’t comfortable commenting on the issue. Uh, are they afraid they will be labeled racist? Who knows.

There’s also a shot of her holding up a present while naked (blurred out) in front of a framed magazine cover with her on it??!

And you thought that story couldn’t get any weirder.