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Michelle Malkin Forces Howard Kurtz To Publicly “Say Soopermexican”

Michelle Malkin has been just incredibly supportive in making sure the Old Media didn’t escape the implications of my #WAWAGate story exposing the liberal bias of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. She was especially tenacious in demanding media reporters like Howard Kurtz credit social media, and this blog for digging up the truth.

Read about this at TwitchyTeam’s article. Well, the pressure must have gotten to Howard Kurtz: Thanks to the Right Scoop for grabbing this video!

And a great big thanks to Michelle Malkin and her Twitchy Team!! Now, let’s work on Martin Bashir…

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  • 5ftflirt

    Even if Romney had been amazed by the scanner, what is wrong with being amazed by the wonderfulness of a technology? It doesn’t mean you never saw it before, it means that no matter how mundane it is, you can see it with fresh eyes and appreciate it.

  • And the self-important Andrea Mitchell wouldn’t realize that there are several million of us who couldn’t care less about a WaWa Whatever and had never heard of it until this story.  She needs to get out more.

  • I love the internet so much I want to father little internet children.

  • You’re In The Big Leagues! How SOOPER! 🙂

  • Yeah, I wonder how many Wawa’s Andrea Mitchell has been in…she could barely get the name out.

    Congrats, Soop!

  • Anonymous

    Can I have your autograph, ?por favor?  CONGRATS!!!  You earned it!

  • Congrats dude-big time

  • ariba…ariba!!!

  • Hologram5

    You rock dude!  Keep on turning up the heat…  They’ll be like Frogs on a rock in a boiling pot soon!

  • Hooray for Captain Spaulding

    Good  for you.