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Remembering Obama’s Humiliating 2011 Visit to Britain

The press is absolutely delighted with any tiny mistake Mitt Romney might make while visiting England for the Olympics. Think they’ll harken back to the time when President Dog-Eater humiliated himself and America with his gaffe-a-minute visit to the “sceptered isle?” Yeah, I doubt it…

Don’t worry gringos, I got your back:

1) What year is this again?!

While visiting Westminster Abbey, Obama went to sign in at the guestbook. He actually was confused about what year it was and asked the Dean of Westminster to remind him. Seriously. Your president doesn’t know what year he’s in.

Then, after having been told it was the year 2011, President Einstein writes in 2008. I’m not joking.

It kinda looks like the moron wrote a “3”, realized his mistake, and said “aw screw it” and made it an “8.” Or maybe he thinks it’s 20013. What the hell, there’s 57 states in the union, why not?

2) The BEAST gets stuck

While trying to make his getaway from the US Embassy in Dublin, Ireland, Obama’s limousine nicknamed “the Beast” bottomed out, and got stuck on a ramp. The  attending audience had a hearty laugh at America’s expense, with one guy yelling, “need a push?!”

Apparently the limo was a tad too heavy to clear the exit. Maybe Michelle needs to take some of her own advice to eat a little healthier? Watch the video here.

3) Obama humiliates America and himself by screwing up a toast

Far and away, the most cringe-inducing bumbling by Obama was the humiliating scene he caused while trying to toast the  Queen. He starts off strong, letting everyone know to get up for a toast, but the protocol calls for the toaster to pause and let the band play their national anthem.

Instead, Mr. Spotlight decided to railroad through the music. He seemed to lose steam towards the end, whereupon the Queen smiled awkwardly at him, and the entire dinner party waited in silence for the anthem to finish. Obama then stupidly put down his drink and held his hands.

Good job, genius:

But hey, that’s not nearly as bad as Mitt Romney, who has run the Olympics, commenting on how London is running the Olympics right? I mean, after 3 and a half years of president genius remarking on and making decisions on all sorts of things he knows nothing about, experienced wisdom is stupid…

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  • conversationpc

    “Or maybe he thinks it’s 20013.”  Um….Don’t you mean 2013? You’re about 18,001 years too far in the future there. LOL

  • Why don’t you look at what he wrote, moron? If the 8 is 13, then he wrote 20013. Damn you’re stupid. I mean liberal.

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  • Rafael

    Meh. talk about grasping for straws…..If this is Obama’s worst, the GOP is over.

  • William Phinizy

    Keep pumping that chicken, Rafael. Go back and look at Romney’s alleged gaffe and compare that to the incredible goofiness of this jerk’s unfamiliarity with protocol.

    But, then again, you probably chat with your neighbors when The Star Spangled Banner is played, don’t you?

  • Rafael

     Decorum, like when the orchestra interrupted the President of the United States? A lot can be learned from which side one roots for: According to your own testimony, you root AGAINST the U.S.  So, do you think observing silence during the Star Spangled Banner elevates you from the unwashed into the inner circle of the SS? Obama is a human being, human beings make mistakes, like sign the wrong date on their checks….Romney insulted his hosts. If you cannot see the difference your pettiness is as deep as your convictions are shallow. You and I both know that had Obama made the same statement as Romney did about the British you’d be calling him a jerk while apologizing for your own guy.

  •  …which is why it’s funny! #readingcomprehensionfail

  • Nobody said it’s his worst.  But it’s three things wrt GB worse than Romney’s Olympics “gaffe”.  Speaking of “grasping for straws”…

  • Papa Tango


    It’s but mere appetizer for the feast of his f–k-ups!

  • Rafael

     ….right….they’re so heinous and rampant that not you nor this blog entry can come up with any…..and I notice you cede any high ground by calling me out of my name….thanks for quitting before losing.

  • Manny Laureano

    Thanks for re-linking this one on twitter, ese. Oye, pero que pendejo!!

  • Manny Laureano

    Hey, being a liberal means never having to say “I’m sorry.”

  • Manny Laureano

    I love that this 11 month-old post is so interestingly non-prophetic given everything that has happened during that time (never mind all the garbage from his first term).

  • Rafael

    “Romney in a landslide”

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