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Michelle Obama’s Speech in Word Cloud – Guess What Word She Used Most?

A “word cloud” resizes the most used words in a body of text according to how many times they’re used… In the image below, I entered the entire text from Michelle’s speech tonight:

click to see full size

Now.. compare it to Ann Romney’s speech… pretty striking:

see in full size

I thought that Ann’s speech might be referencing “Mitt” just as heavily as Michelle’s would Obama, but that’s just not the case – her speech mentions the word “America” much more than anything else, including Mitt. Michelle hardly mentions it at all. 

I have some simple observations about the speeches tonight. I noticed that the Democrats focused very tightly on social issues, and barely mentioned any economic plan at all. This is smart, because it’s not Obama’s strong suit. However, going on the defensive is what a campaign does when it thinks it’s losing – Obama is shorting up his crazy extremist base, and not going after the middle.

To further corroborate this, notice also that nearly all the speeches were attempting to explain away Obama’s “you didn’t build it” gaffe. Nearly every speech. This is not a campaign that is confident in it’s chances to win, this is a campaign that fears losing.

Check out my previous word cloud comparison: the 2012 Democrat and Republican Platforms.

  • realclear


  • ThisIsStupid

    This is the dumbest commentary ever, like saying America more makes you more American… or we’d forget that we were in america, if she didn’t constantly say the word. It’s posts like this that make a mockery of politics, people aren’t stupid during election years, they just get treated that way; especially by idiotic breakdowns like this.

  • Lulubella

    Here here ThisisStupid! So sick of meaningless jingoism masquerading as… something other than meaningless jingoism

  • Newest Dem argument: “Just because we don’t talk about it doesn’t mean we don’t value it”. Dick Durbin went bat shit crazy today when Bret Baier asked him why any mention of God was removed from the Dem platform, I wonder what Durbin would have done if Baier had also reminded him Obama is mentioned 200 times. So, yeah, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain who doesn’t want to say America or God. And certainly don’t suggest he’s unpatriotic or that he worships at the altar of his demigod, Barack Obama.

  • sybilll

    Let me guess, your government check is late because of the holiday.

  • ThisIsStupid

    Actually, I’m a senior analyst for a global macro hedge fund. So no, no government checks for me, but yes I do probably pay enough taxes for 22 other families to receive theirs.

    But really who cares, because everything anyone says on any of these sites is complete bullshit, just trying to say focusing on messages rather than diction and syntax would be a better use of time.

    If this thing were truly unbiased the most used word would be some definite article like “the”, by this I mean the number of times a word is used is not as important as the message those words convey.

    P.S. I am a republican, just so you don’t have to guess.

  • Winghunter

    Michelle Obama, “All this for a flag?” http://bit.ly/qKy08l

    Michelle Obama

    “There is no doubt in my mind that as a member of
    the black community, I am obligated to this community and will utilize all of my present and future resources to benefit the black community first and foremost”. – The First Wookie, Michelle Obama

  • I’m not sure why “the” is taken out, but I’m guessing it’s the program I used. I didn’t mess with it at all, and you can replicate it yourself. Further, if you draw ALL your conclusions from this, yes, you’re a moron. I’m not telling anyone to do that. But certainly the number of words someone uses says SOMEthing about them doesn’t it? And would you say the same had it gone the other way? Don’t answer I don’t really care.

  • lumahaimike

    That is really cool! I see Michelle uses country more than America,opposite of Ann.

  • lumahaimike

    That is really cool! I see Michelle uses country more than America,opposite of Ann.

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  • MFG

    I think it’s more-so the fact that she said “Barack” so damn much.

  • Debz


  • FactsRFun

    The fact that some people chose to take Obama’s “you didn’t build it” statement out of context and twist it to mean something entirely different from what he said, doesn’t make it a “gaffe.”

  • “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks !” Solomon – Son of David.

  • londondave

    I love the way you waste your time and energy complaining about something you imply is meaningless.

    Talk about stupid.

    As to your bizarre claim that the repetition of certain “words” carry no meaning in messages, that’s so idiotic there’s no need to comment further.

  • Really? because it was more of a screw up in it’s context

  • H

    Try doing it in the same style? The way you choose to visualise something actually means a lot.

  • TJ Wright

    How many times does the word “god” appear in the USA’s Constitution?

  • TJ Wright

    Now, how many times did each mention our military, troops, and our soldiers?

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  • The Dems didn’t remove God from their platform, they just elucidated for us who they actually worship and Michelle Obama is the High Priestess of that religion. I can’t think of another American president who has done so little yet has been praised so much.

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  • E

    Ann mentioned America a lot, sure. It appears, however, that Michelle mentioned ‘country’ many times (middle part, below Barack). Your remark that ‘Michelle hardly mentions it at all’ bares little fruit, unless of course you have no idea in which country this election is being held. Michelle seems to better be able to make people ‘feel’ what America is about than Ann. Irrespective of partisan views, I think it’s undeniable that Michelle is a great public speaker, with a warmth, persuasiveness and genuinity that transcends across to viewers. You don’t need to agree with her husband’s policies (not even a bit) to recognize her rhetoric ability.

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  • Kman

    Which means what?

  • Kman

    “The First Wookie”? Nice way to make the rest of us Republicans proud, idiot. BTW, even I’m open-minded enough to know that it is more likely she said something about “fold that flag” not “All this for a flag”. If more people voted for policies instead of preconceptions, this country would be in much better shape. Vote out Obama because he’s useless, not because he’s black.

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  • Yeah it is pretty clear to me that we have a racist president. Obama was not an Asian community activist, or a Hispanic one, he was directly involved with the African American community exclusively rather than putting that effort toward all Americans as he should have equally. His response about the George Zimmerman situation was immediately racist, he didn’t even wait for evidence. It feels nice knowing the man we elected and might yet again elect doesn’t represent every American, just a specific race.

    This other dude Kman somehow tried to turn that right back around again like if the Obamas haven’t been extremely racist, which is a betrayal of any American who is not Black. They betray their real people, their real community, the American community and yes I will vote down Obama for being a Racist as well as the many other things he has done such as lying about an NDAA veto or the illegal tyrannical act of granting amnesty to illegals via executive order bypassing congress. Thanks for giving foreigners American jobs when we need them most, again he betrays America. I could use a stronger word, I don’t want to start a shit storm over it though.

  • wordygirl

    Thank you for this. I think it is very illuminating, and quite well done. I’m working on ideas for a quilt that incorporates words and phrases from President Obama’s campaign and re-election. I am certain I’ll refer back to your word clouds for some guidance. Many thanks.

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