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Michelle Obama’s Speech in Word Cloud – Guess What Word She Used Most?

A “word cloud” resizes the most used words in a body of text according to how many times they’re used… In the image below, I entered the entire text from Michelle’s speech tonight:

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Now.. compare it to Ann Romney’s speech… pretty striking:

see in full size

I thought that Ann’s speech might be referencing “Mitt” just as heavily as Michelle’s would Obama, but that’s just not the case – her speech mentions the word “America” much more than anything else, including Mitt. Michelle hardly mentions it at all. 

I have some simple observations about the speeches tonight. I noticed that the Democrats focused very tightly on social issues, and barely mentioned any economic plan at all. This is smart, because it’s not Obama’s strong suit. However, going on the defensive is what a campaign does when it thinks it’s losing – Obama is shorting up his crazy extremist base, and not going after the middle.

To further corroborate this, notice also that nearly all the speeches were attempting to explain away Obama’s “you didn’t build it” gaffe. Nearly every speech. This is not a campaign that is confident in it’s chances to win, this is a campaign that fears losing.

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