Fosters Freeze workers lose their jobs because of Democrats, blame owners instead

Here’s an entire ice cream shop that had to completely shut down because Democrats don’t know how to do math.

Workers showed up at a Foster’s Freeze in central California and found out they were receiving their last paycheck that day.

Sadly, they thought it was an April’s Fools joke, but it wasn’t:

“We had gotten a text in the group chat that we were shutting down, and I completely thought it was an April Fools joke,” said former employee Jason Boado.

Watch below:

Instead of blaming the Democrats that passed this law that is driving owners out of business, they blame the owners!! Very smart people.

But this college student knows what will happen – instead of workers making more, their hours are gonna get cut, prices for food is gonna go up, and everyone is going to suffer:

“Please be nice to your fast food workers,” said Navarro. “They’re going to be getting their hours severely cut running small, small shifts. They’re going to have people yelling at them for the menu increases.”

Here’s what the owner said to Fox 26:

I tried to the end to try to figure out a way to make it work. Last thing I ever wanted was to close down,” he said. “By Friday night I knew I was most likely not gonna be able to stay open but I didn’t want to ruin their Easter Sunday. Small businesses can’t survive a 120% plus min wage increase over the last 10 years. We are all more broke than we were 10 years ago its clear raising min wage isn’t helping….I am sad to see my employees off, and sad to see lemoore off. This location has been in business for 35+ years and lemoore has been such a good place. It’s painful to realize that raising min wage and regulating fast foods are putting people put if business but that is the path california leadership has taken. Thank u to my staff for everything and thank u lemoore for all the support over the years.”

Brilliant! Instead of making more money, these people are out of a job and this guy has lost his business! And these dumbasses want to take this economic system to the rest of the country!

I hope people are paying attention.

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There’s another news video with more details about what happened. Here you go: