California’s ingenious fix for housing shortage fix: make fast food workers lose their jobs and homes!

It’s pretty obvious by now that Gavin Newsom is trying to position himself to run for president in 2028, but I’m not sure he’s going to get there after California forces fast food workers to lose their jobs and then their homes.

ON the plus side, that WILL help California’s housing shortage, I guess:

…a growing number of small restaurants and fast-food franchises in California are laying off workers ahead of what they fear will be a budget-busting, legally mandated minimum wage hike to $20 an hour. The new law takes effect next month.

Incredible. Liberals always enact “solutions” based on circumstances that they imagine will never change, and then they’re shocked when those circumstances change after they impose their idiotic solutions.

In this case, the circumstances are “fast food workers being employed.”

Here’s more about the dumbass law that Democrats passed in California:

It’s the result of a compromise between owners, unions, and negotiators following the state’s decision to increase the minimum wage of fast-food workers above the $16 per hour rate of other employees. While bosses successfully opposed the initial $22 hourly directive, even the increase to $20 risks many companies saying it is too expensive to shoulder. In advance of the crunch, many are moving to reduce labor reserves before the law takes hold.

It won’t kill Newsom’s presidential hopes though, as long as the alternative is Kamala Harris and other assorted Democrat morons no one wants to vote for.

And if you know what else Newsom wants to spread from California to the rest of the country, check out AB5, the union law meant to destroy freelancers and gig workers.