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Liberal Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert Mocks Mother of Sean Smith, Slain at Benghazi; Deletes Tweet

This is despicable:


So this maggot Eric Boehlert, who spends his time mocking conservatives on Twitter while on Obama propaganda gutter Media Matters’ dime, thinks it’s great to make fun of the mother of a murdered American official killed by terrorists in Benghazi.

What a piece of scum this guy is.

Either he didn’t want the story to get out, or realized what a disgusting thing he’d done, because he deleted the tweet very soon after:

Immediately liberals jumped on, mocking the mother of Sean Smith:

Wow, really? “Poor”, “pathetic” and “stupid”? Really classy, libs…

Apparently someone told Eric he was being a degenerate idiot, because he deleted the tweet:

Great job… I’m sure Obama and Media Matters really appreciate your pathetic efforts to smear the mother of an American murdered by terrorists.

Here’s the story he tried to cover up stupidly:

Mother of Sean Smith Murdered By Terrorists at Benghazi: “I BELIEVE THAT OBAMA MURDERED MY SON”


This story got some tremendous attention – so much so that the maggot Boehlert retweeted this attempt to disparage the story in the tweet he deleted:

Kinda odd, since you won’t find the original tweet in his timeline anymore… he hasn’t tweeted anything since.

Help get the story out – retweet:

  • Jim Wafwot

    I’ll wager this Boehlert asshat had zero issues with Cindy Sheehan’s crusade against George W. Bush.


    Boehlert is a typical glassy eyed idiot with nothing of substance to say than to spew insults, vitriol and lies about those who actually care enough about this Nation and Her citizens to do our own homework. Those swine deserve NO consideration, respect, courtesy or MERCY

  • Neill Augustine

    If I ever see that pencil necked geek walking down the street, I’m going to stomp a mudhole in his reedy little chest and walk it dry

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  • Ambrose

    Boehlert is the author of this sterling example of leftist projection:
    “Lapdogs is the first book to demonstrate that, for the entire George W. Bush presidency, the news media have utterly failed in their duty as watchdog for the public. In blistering prose, Eric Boehlert reveals how, time after time, the press chose a soft approach to covering the government, and as a result reported and analyzed crucial events incompletely and even inaccurately.”
    Whereas, now, they just lie, unashamedly.

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  • Jules

    It’s sick how these parent are being treated.

  • Big Irish Dude

    Boehlert is a waste of space who needs his ass kicked.

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  • Jer

    EXACTLY! The MSM laughably denies their bias all the time, but their coverage of Sheehan (who really did act in a way worthy of mocking) vs. Woods is just one pebble in a mountain of evidence.

  • conservativeBC

    Facts are inconvenient – the flop eared “Moonbat Messiah” sat there for seven hours, and let those boys die – not optimal.

    That won’t happen when Allen West is Secretary of Defense.

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  • Wayne

    Round the clock coverage on Trayvon Martin WITH manufactured evidence from NBC, altered 911 calls etc. But Fox lies huh?

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  • Polly Esther

    Here’s a fun fact: Eric Boehlert’s beard is hideous. He is scum, as well.

  • Polly Esther

    Remember when Cindy Sheehan was on a hunger strike, but was putting ICE CREAM in coffee.

  • sentforth5

    God knows….

  • BeevaloBill

    Eric Boehlert is a hideous, bitter, little man. His job is hate and misinformation in pursuit of socialism.

  • LiberalFascist

    The day is coming when scum like this will be held accountable for their actions. MSNBC , media matters, the NY times, CNN, etc, etc. I can’t wait to see their public reaction when their co workers begin to feel the wrath of a pissed off American public