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Los Angeles Rampaging Cop-Hunting Madman Claims Third Life, Wounds 2 Other Police; UPDATE: 3 Accidentally Shot by Police

This is just terrible.

The three new shootings occurred in Riverside County. One LAPD officer was grazed in the Corona area, law enforcement sources said. Then sometime later, two Riverside Police Department officers were shot in Riverside. One of those officers died, sources said.

Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect, Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33.

 As I posted yesterday, this crazed ex-cop released a manifesto threatening the police that he considers corrupt, and blames them for ruining his life. Disgustingly, he said he would target their families as well, and has already taken the lives of two people connected with a police officer who defended his case before the suspect was fired from the LAPD. 

From his manifesto:

“Your lack of ethics and conspiring to wrong a just individual are over. Suppressing the truth will leave to deadly consequences for you and your family. There will be an element of surprise where you work, live, eat, and sleep,” he wrote, referring to Quan and several others.

“I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, I’m terminating yours,” he added.


As is being reported on KFI radio, the two cops shot in Riverside were sitting in their patrol car and were ambushed – they returned fire and the suspect got away. One was grazed, and the other is in surgery as of 10am this morning.

Police have been dispatched to the residences of police that the crazed gunman mentioned in his manifesto as targets.

Two elderly Hispanic* women have been accidentally shot by police – they approached one of the targeted police residences to deliver newspapers, and were driving a truck, which fit the profile of the shooter. One was shot in the hand, neither hurt seriously.

UPDATE: One woman was shot twice in the back, and is intensive care. They have secured legal representation.

From the LA Times Blog, picture above shows many bullet holes in the truck they shot at.

Another person has also been shot at in Torrance – he drove by a residence being protected, was told to drive away, and was shot at as he drove away.

The gunman is still on the loose.

If you’re in the Southern California area, or know anyone who does, please be on the lookout for any man fitting this description and let the police know immediately if you do:


* Suspect Information:
Age/Sex: 33/ MALE
Height: 6 FEET
Weight: 270 POUNDS

* Suspect Vehicle Information:
Model: TITAN
Year: 2005
Color: GRAY
License Number: 8D83987
License State: CALIFORNIA


The LA TIMES is reporting that Dorner tried to steal a boat from an elderly man this morning to escape to Mexico:

Police officials said they believed Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, attempted to steal a boat from an elderly man about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Southwestern Yacht Club in Point Loma, hours before the police shootings in Riverside.

The 81-year-old boat owner reported being accosted and tied up by a burly man who threatened him with a gun and said he wanted the boat to flee to Mexico.

But while the assailant was trying to start the boat, a rope became entangled in the propeller and the boat was inoperable, authorities said.

The suspect took the boat owner’s cell phone and fled the scene and the boat owner was unharmed.

About 2 a.m., a citizen reported finding property belonging to Dorner on a street near Lindbergh Field, not far from the scene of the attempted boat theft. The property included a briefcase and Dorner’s LAPD badge.

I think this is good news – perhaps he’s more a scared rat trying to scurry away than the brilliant stalker he would like to be known as.


More from KFI News – there is a lot of police investigation in Big Bear, which is a mountain resort town about 80 miles east of Los Angeles.

There are reports of a burnt out truck that fits the shooter’s description found in the woods, with police searching around it:

KFI is receiving a lot of phone calls from concerned citizens saying there is an enormous police presence, and a lot of commotion.

They are also reporting that there’s some kind of “Law Enforcement Day” celebration in Big Bear today, and perhaps the shooter was targeting this gathering of police.

The Big Bear Chamber of Commerce confirms that they have “Uniform Days” discounts for yesterday and today.

Big Bear is being shut down for the day. Schools are on lockdown, search teams are everywhere in the resort city.


KFI News is reporting that the truck has been confirmed to be Chris Dorner’s truck.


Below is a video from a TV report last night, before this next murder and shooting. I’ll update as available.


Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

*CORRECTION: It was reported early on that the women were Asian, but it has since been corrected to show that they are Hispanic.

Why is the Manifesto released stripped of Pro-Liberal rants?


  1. This is a horrible, serious story. Havingsaid that, I want to ask the LATimes blogger exactly where on his body is the first LAPD officer’s Corona area?

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  3. lol.. I was gonna add an explanation that Corona is in Riverside county, but really, it’s all considered Los Angeles suburban sprawl to those non-natives. Anyway, you’re right =)

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  5. Thanks for your coverage. I live in OC and was stunned because I’m a Grad of CSUF and the first Victim is a CSUF Prof.

  6. Two elderly asian women have been
    accidentally shot by police – they approached one of the targeted police
    residences to deliver newspapers, and were driving a truck, which fit
    the profile of the shooter. One was shot in the hand, neither hurt

    All this police training, and none of these clowns can properly identify and neutralize targets. But they’re the only ones trained enough to have guns…

    I hope to God that someone drops this fool in short order.

  7. Exactly. Did they think the large black man had disguised himself as an elderly Asian woman?

  8. Good grief. Are the cops competing with Dorner to see who can shoot the most victims before this whole thing is over with?

  9. Happens all the time

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  11. Sounds like the police in LA are as dangerous as the criminals.

  12. Looks like another Scopolamine (or similar) false flag to me.

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  14. I know it’s ridiculous…they want gun control so no armed citizen can protect themselves AND the police are the only ones who can be armed yet the police ( of which were never trained in combat situations under high stress) are like the 3 stooges when it comes to shooting. They want to outlaw the shooting video games for kid because they think it promotes violence in children. What they should do is give these shooter games to the police because they are some of worst shots I have ever seen,…….

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  20. Let me get this straight, because I’m confused. The suspect vehicle was grey, yet they shot up 2 azian ladies BLUE truc?

  21. Completely agree. I wouldn’t live in LA if my life depended on it.

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