“To: America”

Begins the manifesto of an ex cop and ex military Los Angeles man who has apparently already murdered 2 people, and is targeting police with threats like this one:

I will conduct DA operations to destroy, exploit and seize designated targets. If unsuccessful or unable to meet objectives in these initial small scale offensive actions, I will reassess my BDA and re-attack until objectives are met. I have nothing to lose. My personal casualty means nothing. Just alike AAF’s, ACM’s, and AIF’s, you can not prevail against an enemy combatant who has no fear of death. An enemy who embraces death is a lose, lose situation for their enemy combatants.

Hopefully you analyst have done your homework. You are aware that I have always been the top shot, highest score, an expert in rifle qualifications in every unit I’ve been in. I will utilize every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance, and survival training I’ve been given.

Do you know why we are unsuccessful in asymmetrical and guerrilla warfare in CENTCOM theatre of operations? I’ll tell you. It’s not the inefficiency of our combatant commanders, planning, readiness or training of troops. Much like the Vietnam war, ACM, AAF, foreign fighters, Jihadist, and JAM have nothing to lose. They embrace death as it is a way of life. I simply don’t fear it. I am the walking exigent circumstance you created.

KFI in Los Angeles reports:

As first reported by KFI reporter Eric Leonard, police in Irvine are looking for a former Los Angeles police officer suspected in the shootings of a Cal State Fullerton basketball coach and her fiancee. Former LAPD officer and U.S. Navy reservist Christopher Jordan Dorner is a suspect in the killings of Monica Quan, 28, and Keith Lawrence, 27, who were found shot to death in their car at a parking structure Sunday night, Irvine police Chief David L. Maggard said at a news conference.

Maggard says Dorner, who was an LAPD officer until his dismissal in 2009, implicated himself in the killings with a multi-page manifesto (posted below) he wrote that was obtained by police. Police do not know Dorner’s whereabouts, but his last address was in La Palma. Maggard said authorities were seeking the public’s help in finding the suspect, and encouraged anyone who sees him to immediately call 911. Police said he may be driving a blue, 2005 Nissan Titan pickup truck, with CA license plate 7×03191.

This is very chilling, as the manifesto makes it clear that the suspect will use all his training to avoid, and attack the police. 

Read the entire manifesto here.


More from the manifesto:

Suppressing the truth will leave to deadly consequences for you and your family. There will be an element of surprise where you work, live, eat, and sleep…

I will utilize OSINT to discover your residences, spouses workplaces, and children’s schools. IMINT to coordinate and plan attacks on your fixed locations. Its amazing whats on NIPR. HUMINT will be utilized to collect personal schedules of targets. I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, I’m terminating yours. Quan, Anderson, Evans, and BOR members Look your wives/husbands and surviving children directly in the face and tell them the truth as to why your children are dead.

This is not an empty threat, as he has already claimed 2 victims – not police themselves, but a daughter of a former LAPD captain, and her fiance:

LAPD Capt. William Hayes tells The Associated Press on Wednesday night that suspect Christopher Jordan Donner, who was fired from the department for making false statement in 2009, was represented by the victim’s father, Randal Quan.

Quan, a former LAPD captain who became a lawyer in retirement, represented Donner in front of the Board of Rights, a disciplinary tribunal that ruled against Donner when he was dismissed.

Quan is the father of 28-year-old victim Monica Quan, who was shot along with her fiancé, Keith Lawrence, on Sunday.

via Yahoo News

Police describe him as 6’1″, 270 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes.


He has murdered one other cop, shooting 2 others.

Why is the Manifesto released stripped of Pro-Liberal rants?


18 Responses to Los Angeles Ex-Military Ex-Cop Murders 2, Releases Manifesto Targeting LA Police Officers and Families

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  3. AnnS says:

    Wonder if we could check the background on these shooters to see if they converted to Islam.

  4. dc says:

    While I cant condone the taking of life, something has to be done about absolute power having corrupted absolutely. It is part and parcel of power structures all over the place. From the presidency to the judiciary to the town councils and police, there’s a lot of this all over the place.

    And then folks wonder why those in power want to disarm the public…

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  6. Tim Harris says:

    It is too bad that the Government will not take responsibility for creating yet another mentally sick person. The government needs to look in to their poor mental health programs instead of our guns and the right to protect ourselves. If they were to look in to their failing programs and to admit they have done a very poor job at supporting any metal health institutions or any programs. The millions of dollars spent on trying to monitor and take away our right to defend ourselves on programs that would help the US Citizens to live useful lives would be better money spent. Give back to the US Citizens and not take away. Why is it always about controlling its citizens?

  7. sb says:

    I’m about 10 pages into the manifesto and the subject brags on his report writing skills, calling them “clear, concise, and impeccable” despite his multiple spelling and grammar mistakes(he also doesn’t seem to know the difference between new and knew).

    He dares journalists to request copies of his reports via FOIA and “Judge my writin/grammar skills for yourself.”

    There’s something off about this guy. I guarantee the way he perceives reality and reality itself are VERY different.

  8. Don says:

    Another Scopolamine false flag.

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  12. cop killer says:

    Im glad that shit happend fuck the government and the cops kill them all

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