NC Senator Kay Hagan Ignores Tough Questions, Taps Softballs at Her Twitter Townhall


North Carolina Senator Kay Hagen is one of the weaker Democrat candidates defending her chair in 2014, but her attempt to engage voters in a “twitter townhall” event today didn’t help her much.

First off, she was late to her own twitter event… how are you late to something you can do in your pajamas, from an iphone? https://twitter.com/SooperMexican/status/321628908577497089  

Some of the questions she answered included this slowpitch softball from the vice chair of the Young Democrats of North Carolina:

What are the chances that a dem operative asked a dem politico a question that she had already took action on?! Let me grab a calculator real quick…

Oh by the way, that tweet was made about 45 minutes before the event. Perhaps that’s why Hagan was late – she was looking for the dem planted question.

At one point, Hagan’s press secretary prompted one of the softball questions from a twitter user:

She accepted his question: It’s no surprise why – this twitter townhall was really just an attempt to publicize a letter she sent to the VA to address the deplorable state of backlogged veterans’ claims. While this effort is laudable, the townhall in no way was meant to actually engage the voters on questions they want answered.

She took a question from an actual constituent and a veteran:

But he was completely disatisfied with her answer, which she couldn’t deign to follow up:


What about the questions she didn’t accept? Here’s one from an Army veteran about how Obamacare has raised rates after Kay Hagan specifically said it wouldn’t:

This vet was later told to “f**k off” by one of Hagan’s supporters. Kay Hagan took a question from this liberal tweeting obscenities to a veteran at a twitter townhall about veterans, but didn’t take any of the questions from the veteran. Another about Obamacare ignored:

She also ignored all the questions about Benghazi:


No questions accepted about her hostility against the 2nd amendment:




The event lasted 24 minutes, with hundreds of tweets from her constituents, but Hagan took only 6 questions, all of them fodder for her to press her agenda.

All in all, not a good showing for Kay Hagan on twitter… better luck next time!!

Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy has some more coverage on #AskKay


  1. Vote her out in 2014, simple as that. Vote early and often my friends,

  2. 1) Obamacare won’t universally hurt all veterans. Subsidies available to those who need it (not always enough, but oh well).

    2) Shut up about Benghazi already, it’s not a scandal.

    3) The “only law breakers break the law so we don’t need laws” is a stupid tautology by extremist gun-nuts. It’s not a question or an argument. We need laws, all laws will affect non-law-breakers, but help protect the rights of those to be safe.

  3. Once a criminal has decided to commit murder, any other crime they commit in the process is a freebie. Murder carries the maximum possible punishment, potentially life in prison or even death, so throwing on any other punishment for any additional crimes committed in the process has no deterrent effect. An extra 2 years (or whatever the punishment would be for whatever crime they committed) when you are facing the death penality doesn’t do anything.
    Additionally, the SCOTUS has ruled that criminals cannot be punished for either avoiding background checks, or failing to register guns. If a criminal went to a gun store and filled out the form, they would be forced to relinquish their 5th amendment protections against self-incrimination and the government cannot require that. The only people who could legally be prosecuted for missing a background check or not registering a weapon would be law-abiding people.

  4. I sent Sen. Hagan a letter asking about her views on gun control. What I received back was gibberish. I have written back for clarification. What I did come away with after her first letter is that she will not be getting my vote, and anything she says she is doing for veterans is only for show.

  5. I sent Sen. Hagan a letter asking about her views on gun control. What I received back was gibberish. I have written back for clarification. What I did come away with after her first letter is that she will not be getting my vote, and anything she says she is doing for veterans is only for show.

  6. Obamacare might not hurt all veterans, but it will hurt the entire tax paying country. You can only spend so much of other people’s money.

    Benghazi is going to come up over and over again as long as the corrupt and lying administration is in office. It will continue to be an issue as Hillary makes her bid to be president in 2016. Get used to it.

    We have enough gun laws that are restrictive to law-abiding citizens. Criminals LOVE gun control, as it makes them safer as they prey on the public.

  7. Ask Hagan is SHE supports OATHKEEPERS.org ??? that will tell you everything you need to know about her … pretty sure she’s a 2014 loser…

  8. I emailed for a sit down with her. I asked if she read the “affordable health care” documentation. Never even got areply.

  9. AS — that the Obama people were doing their own “extraordinary rendition” at that site has gone unreported. You recall, that was a big effin deal to your side under Dubya? That the attack was retaliation for a drone attack also goes unreported — would your side like drone attacks more under Dubya? (Have to wonder if you prefer drone attacks to waterboarding.) That the administration lied to get elected isn’t surprising — we expect that out of politicians — but we should also expect the minority party to keep asking the questions, right? Cause your side did for at least 8 years, right?

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  11. NC has the highest tax rates along with the highest unemployment rates. Kay Hagan has accomplished NOTHING… Vote her out

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