Planned Parenthood Awards ‘Margaret Sanger’ Award to Short German Offering Final Solution for Undesirable Children


Last night, the purveyors of infanticide enjoyed a dinner and toasted to the millions of children they had successfully advocated for extinction.

While images of slaughtered babies danced in their heads, they “honored” one of their leader, a well-known German with a height problem, but a “Final Solution” for any unborn baby who in any way annoys their mother:

President Baby-Killer is set to address the gala of death today, after recently providing some warm words via video at their 40th celebration of sacrificing children to their ever hungry god, Molech.

The blood-thirsty child-killers chose an unsavory color for dessert:

This woman was so excited for dead babies she lost all grammar control:


And now, the winner of the “Maggie” Award for Excellence and Achievement in the Field of Baby Murder Advocacy!


Yes, it’s your own Lena Dunham!! Best known for her comparing a vote for Barack Obama to having sex! If however, she was cursed with a mistake of Obama’s baby, who would no doubt look like Trayvon, she’d know what to do with that little brat!

Apparently, she was too busy to actually attend the baby-killing celebration:

I wonder if she compared her first time killing a baby to losing her virginity? It seems to be her schtick.


Killing babies – vitally important. Having children to perpetuate humanity? Not so much.


Darn it. Have to reconsider my tumblr account now…

Here is Nancy Pelosi, well known for being the first albino chupacabra speaker of the house with Dr. Ruth and other hoary aged baby-killers.


And then there’s the dim-witted Mayor of Los Angeles:


Sounds like we missed a lot of great humor about murdering children in the womb:



Killing one is the surest path to moral poverty. But liberals don’t care about that.


Mostly on waves of children’s blood. But. Yeah.


I really wonder what the context is – the first law is that states of energy cannot be created or destroyed. Do they mean children aren’t destroyed, just converted to energy? Apparently E=MC^2 is about abortion.


And she continues killing, but this time it’s innocents in the womb, no gun needed…


If she had been any shorter, someone actually might have mistaken her for a fetus and stab her with a fork.


Not known for the mathematical prowess, that Dr. Ruth.

Finally, they all ritually danced on the graves of children:


There it is.. the Planned Parenthood child-killing gala… what better slogan than “a time for care”?


With “caring” like abortion, who has time for cruelty?

President infanticide is scheduled to speak this morning at the worship of Molech.

  • teamfrazzled

    Stunning display of moral bankruptcy.

  • boxerdoglover

    Amazing, she’s Jewish and yet sees no problem with killing babies.

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    Their eyes are blinded by the Evil One. They choose to follow a path of evil and call it good. The Father of lies is a Murderer from the very beginning.

  • CrashFroelich

    Apparently, abortion is a sacrament of Liberalism. It seems that if one advocates the murder of the unborn, that person may cavort with Nazis and misanthropes without blame and become a saint to the secular hedonists.

  • How sad spending the evening celebrating and giving each other awards for killing human life. “Empty Vessels” all the awards in the world won’t fill your gaping moral hole.

  • peterboddie

    I borrowed some of your stuff and posted it at Pundit Pete for our April 26th update. —Pilferer Pete, Chief Plagiarist, Pundit Pete Press Service.

  • luckycat76

    As an American whose grandparents were devout German-Lutheran immigrants — please don’t associate this little troll with being German. We have enough bad press.

  • When I saw ‘short German’ I thought you meant Nazi eugenicist Dr. Eugen Fischer one of the authors of the Final Solution who Sanger entertained at her home.

  • Well, it’s kinda like John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi…they *think* they’re Catholic but they’re really not.

  • Did you see the AP article by D. Superville @dsupervilleap that stated that Obama didn’t attend the PP Gala so he could spend more time with the folks in West, Texas? REALLY? Come on, it was just about the OPTICS for him. There’s no way he could be seen partying down and celebrating PP with the #gosnell trial. But of course, the lo-info voters have no idea who Gosnell is….Nor do they care. The tragedy in Newton, CT resulted in the murder of 27 innocents and abortion murders millions. Abortions kill more innocents than guns….

  • They are some of the most morally bankrupt people you could find…Vile hypocrites…The smell of burning sulpher must have been in the air…..

  • bullet2354

    This was all brought to you by “people killing unborn children.”

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