Infographic: The One Fact That Proves Raising The Minimum Wage Will Hurt America

Liberals have tried to pivot away from the failures of Obamacare by latching onto another favorite cause of theirs – raising the minimum wage. This is yet another perfect example of how conservatives look for market based solutions, while liberals ignore the obvious economic costs of their political agenda based on their emotions and feelings.

There are many reasons why a minimum wage hike would actually hurt Americans, but here’s one big one that should help cut through all the vagaries of the debate:

minimum wage-INFOGRAPHIC-5

Now go assault some liberal with this fully automatic fact weapon.

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Sources for stats: 1.1% of Americans work for minimum wage, or 1.6 million Americans – via NRO. 91.8 million Americans are not working – via ZeroHedge, also the Daily Mail had an updated figure of 92 million. Congressional Budget Office says planned minimum wage hike would cost 500,000 jobs, at least.